Stevie Pink - Big Fat Naughty Tour 2018

Stevie Pink from Britain's got Talent is back from performing on various TV shows around the world and has put together his hilarious one man show in which he showcases his other talents to the world. From Ventriloquism to Impressions and Comedy and Mindreading to the Magic for which he is known for, this show promises to have something for everyone.

Stevie Pink shot to fame in 2013 when he appeared on Britain's got talent levitating lovely young ladies in front Simon Cowell.
The world fell in love with him instantly and the night he appeared he was trending worldwide at No 7 - the world was talking about the crazy pink Magician, and he has been in constant demand ever since with his own brand of loving comedy and magical wonder.

Steve's often naughty sense of humour will be in full throttle so to be on the safe side the show is rated Aged 16 and over and will be a non PC show as Stevie refuses to be handcuffed by ridiculous PC modernist views which can strangle the life out of any comedy entertainer - so be prepared to be shocked - in a nice way. Many have compared Stevie Pink to a mix of previous entertainers such a Freddie Starr, Joe Pasquale, Michael Barrymore, Larry Grayson, Dick Emery and Wayne Dobson all combined into one entertainer.

The show has been produced due to popular public demand for Stevie to tour the UK which he will doing with his magical pets such as his Pussy called "Lick" amongst others with his own brand of Humorous Magic and illusion combined with many hilarious impressions and ventriloquist routines.

Venues, dates and booking info will be listed here soon as and when they become available. You can also check out Stevie's Facebook page too at "Stevie Pink Show" for more info.

Stevie will also possibly be touring the U.S.A in 2019 too, so make the most of this hilarious show when it comes to a theatre near you .....and get tickled Pink !

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