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The Stage. Jan 2011

"Slick is a word which comes to mind when describing the stage act of comedy magician, Steve Zebs. Being truly innovative in this market must be hard, but at least Zebs attempts something different, blending comedy with illusions and, for the most part, succeeding. It all goes to make him a safe bet for bookers across most venues."

The Stage. Jan 2005

"Steve Zebs gave us his visual comedy and magic routine and , as has been the case on previous viewings, this charismatic entertainer looks very comfortable with his material. Perhaps a louder, Jester-style costume of some description would accentuate the attractive and quirky nature of his delivery but this was convincing stuff nonetheless."

The Stage. Nov 2004

"Quirky comedy and magic came next from Steve Zebs, with a nice flying cane illusion and other mobile and extremely well executed hand held tricks. The impression here was one of an speciality entertainer with other strings to his bow. Safe in a family environment, Zebs also has mum and dad appeal on this showing."

Project-Seven. Aug 2002

"Steve Zebs provided both humour and magic
and his pet lion had all the audience
in stitches with laughter."

The Stage. Nov 1999

" Zebs has panache and boundless energy, Steve Zebs's Splendid voice is not all he has up his polka-dotted sleeve's "

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